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PAL (Perfectly Automated Library) version 3.4 is a full-featured library automation system intended for  school libraries.  
It provides for cataloging of nearly any media type, a robust barcode-driven (optional) circulation system, and many more features, such as ready-reference, and periodicals check-in capability, post your library catalog on the internet .

Automation on a budget

Automate your library for hundreds - not thousands - of dollars.

Minimal hardware requirements (almost any PC - Not a Mac)

Barcode reader permits quick check-outs and returns.

About PAL, v. 3.4 Library Automation System

"Let Every School Library be Automated!!"

PAL, v.3.4 School Library Automation Software - the software which is automating school libraries across America (and other countries) - is now available as part of our Library Automation Starter Kit.  Click here to purchase.

More about PAL:

In order to keep prices at their absolute lowest, we generally don't mail out brochures, distribute Demo's, nor do marketing beyond what is on our web site:

PAL, v.3.4 is a full-featured system suited for the school library seeking a simple and economical automation solution. It was written by a professional librarian with the layperson in mind.

PAL customers include libraries in Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Maine, Mariana Islands, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Canada, Mexico, and here in California (we also have installations overseas in United Kingdom, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nigeria and India).

PAL is an industrial-strength program which can accomodate up to 16 million records per panel (e.g, catalog items). - PAL is networkable, so that users, departments, and libraries can share data simultaneously.

- Port your library catalog to the internet via Library Avenue or on your own library's website hosted on our servers. (This is new feature in version 3.4)

- Cataloging is quicker using built-in database of titles (as a picklist). (This is new feature in version 3.4) We intend that this database will be updated by input from member libraries of Library Avenue School Library Consortium. However, PAL, by its design, is intended for the small K-12 school library. Our niche market is the many private school libraries not receiving public funding - on a very limited budget. That's why we provide E-Mail support and support from our website but generally not telephone support.


Our Starter Kit includes just about all essential materials needed to begin automating your library. It includes the following:

-  T600 CCD Barcode Scanner (or other make depending on availability) (much faster read rate than the wand scanners - a  value in itself greater than the entire starter kit!);

- PAL, v3.4 Library Automation Software (network version, single licence);

- (optional) 100 custom printed Library Cards (upload your library logo to us);

- Lifetime free membership to Library Avenue School Library Consortium (Post your library catalog to the web on your library's own web page (which you can update using only your browser) + 10% discount on library supplies

- 1,000 Custom Printed PolyPro Barcode Labels;

- 2,500 Spine Labels;

- 90 Overdue Post Cards for PAL; and More.

The cost of the Starter Kit (including tax) is only $99.99.  You can purchase by credit cart by clicking here

When ordering, be sure to email us your shipping address and the exact name of the library or organization (to be printed on your barcode labels). We expect to ship your order out by US Priority Mail within 1 - 3 business days of receiving payment .

The included CCD bar code reader is easy to install. Simply plug into a USB port on your computer and start scanning!  (Alternatively, for older computers, a 'Y' connection plugs into the PC's keyboard port. This connects both the bar code reader and the keyboard (which you currently use). No external power source is necessary.


PAL, v.3.4 will run on just about any PC (it will not run on a MAC).    You can install the program from either a floppy drive or from a USB flash memory stick.   To print spine labels, overdue notices and other reports you will need a printer.  Reports can be printed on any printer that supports DOS (i.e., is not a 'windows only' printer). The spine label printing, however, is designed specifically  for a dot-matrix printer so each label pops up individually as the related item is cataloged. (Among other advantages, this lets you catalog a new book 'on the fly' - while someone is actually in the process of checking it out!)

PAL is a DOS program which runs fine in a DOS window under Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, 2000.   It will not run under Windows 7 64-bit operating system.

PAL includes cataloging, circulation, inventory, and much more! It provides for cataloging of nearly any media type, a robust barcode-driven circulation system, and many more features, such as periodicals check-in capability. It is designed to be usable with a barcode reader - or manually, without one. Written by a professional librarian, PAL takes into account special problems of the school library environment.  For example, checkouts are quick. Simply scan in the library card - then scan in the item's barcode. There is no need to even touch the keyboard (unless you are alerted by a beep to a problem (e.g., borrower already has too many books checked out, etc)).

PAL's database of subject headings and associated Dewey numbers is based on SEARS LIST OF SUBJECT HEADINGS, 15th ed. (New York, H.W.Wilson Co.). However, you can easily add to, delete, or edit the headings that come with PAL.

Please contact us directly if you have specific questions about PAL or any other of our products.
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