Let's Check Out a Book !
 - Scan in patron barcode

-  Scan in book barcode

That's it!

The Checkout Panel is reached by pressing menu choice # "2" from the Main Menu; or by pressing menu choice #"2" from the Circulation Menu (which is choice # "5" from the Main Menu).
In both cases you will be able to create new records but you will not be able to delete or edit records.
(If, for some reason, you need to delete or edit any checkout records, you can reach the Checkout Panel as follows: press choice #"11" from Main Menu to reach Administrator's Menu, then choice #"6" from Administrator's Menu, and finally choice #"17" from All Panels menu. Reaching it off the Administrator's Menu you will be able to delete or edit any checkout records (however doing so is not recommended). Also note that there is a report to clear all circulation transactions at once (say, at beginning of new school year). You can reach this "Reset Circ System" report (deletes all payments, returns, and checkout records and cancels all holds) by choices "5", then "10", then "3" (from the main menu).

Checking Out a book using the barcode scheme:

Simply scan in patron's library card barcode while still in browse mode. You do not need to press F9 ("create" mode). Patron information will be automatically entered. Then just scan in the book's barcode. You will hear a soft beep indicating that the transaction is complete. That's it! The due date is automatically entered. You can checkout a long line of students very quickly with PAL. Just scan in library card  - then book - one after the other without touching the keyboard or even looking at the screen! If there is a problem with the transaction you will be alerted by a beep. For example, after scanning in the patron's barcode you may hear a beep and see a message about the patron's status under patron's name (e.g., "**  1 item(s) checked out already"). This would occur if you indicated for this patron (in the Patron Information panel) that 1 is the maximum number of items which can be checked out at one time.

Checking Out a book without using the barcode scheme:

If you are not using library cards for patrons (or if this particular patron does not have his library card at this time) then press F9 ("Create" mode) and do an Up Arrow lookup on the last name of patron. When you find the patron press ENTER. The patron information will be automatically entered in the checkout transaction panel. Likewise, if the book has no barcode number you can press Up Arrow on the item ID field and do a lookup by the book's title. Press ENTER and the transaction is complete. Note that you can also type in the patron's or the book's ID number in the appropriate field if you find that to be faster for you.

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