Installation Instructions:
CAUTION: Installing SignUp Center according to these instructions will change the way your computer works. It is intended that SignUp Center will be the only program using the computer. If you intend to use your computer for other purposes STOP HERE and contact Neuton Data Systems for instructions about how to proceed.

Installation Instructions:

If SignUp Center is installed on a WIN9x machine and run using the suggested system files (click here to see these) the MSDOS.SYS file needs to be edited (BOOTMULTI=0) so the machine will boot up to the DOS prompt instead of Windows.

Step 1. Preparing your computer for SignUp Center use

a)  DOS or Windows 3.1:  Go to the DOS prompt (C:\>)
b)  Windows 95 or 98:

i)    Left click on the Start button
ii)   Left click on 'Run'
iii)  Type the word 'command' then click ok
iv)   You should now see the DOS prompt (something like C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP>)

for both a) and b):

A)   type 'cd\' at the dos prompt. The prompt should now look like this C:\>
B)   You should be at the root C: directory
C)   Type the following: 'ATTRIB MSDOS.SYS -S -H -R
D)   Copy the MSDOS.SYS file to a floppy disk just in case you improperly edit       the file on your hard disk
E)   At the C:\ prompt type EDIT MSDOS.SYS
F)   Move the cursor under the line that says [OPTIONS] and add the new line BOOTMULTI=1   (Note: this line may already be in your MSDOS.SYS file. If so, just exit and return to the C:\> prompt without saving).
G)    If you had to add the line BOOTMULTI=1 (or if you changed BOOTMULTI=0 TO BOOTMULTI=1) in your MSDOS.SYS then SAVE the file now (overwriting the file on your hard disk)
H) Also add the line BOOTGUI=0 just as you did for BOOTMULTI=1.
I) After these changes have been made , use the following command to restore MSDOS.SYS to its previous hidden attributes:  c:\>attrib +s +h +r \msdos.sys.

Step 2. Installing the program

Put the floppy disk in drive a: and type 'a:\install'
The INSTALL.BAT file will rename your old AUTOEXEC.BAT file to AUTOEXEC.OLD.
Then it will make the directory C:\SIGNUP and the sub-directories C:\SIGNUP\PRINTER and C:\SIGNUP\NOPRINT. It will then copy the files from the floppy to your hard drive. It will then start the NO PRINTER version of the program. (If your printer is attached and ready you can change to the printer version by typing 'PRINTER' at the DOS prompt.)

Step 3. Configuring the program

Once the program is installed type '9', then 'ENTER', then 'X' (the current administrator password), then 'ENTER' key, then '10' and ENTER key to go to the Registration Panel.

Type your registration number in the appropriate field. (Your registration number can be found on your invoice). Then type the name of your organization in the appropriate field (where it now says '!!  THIS SOFTWARE IS NOT REGISTERED !!).   Tab through the fields of the panel customizing the information for your organization.  DO NOT LEAVE ANY FIELDS BLANK IN THE REGISTRATION PANEL OR THE PROGRAM WILL NOT FUNCTION CORRECTLY.