Setting up the program for use each day
Signup Center must be set up for each day it is to be used. The signup panel must contain a record for each time slot and each computer capable of being used during the day. Setting up the system requires creating a record for each of these.

This report is menu choice number "2" from the Staff (Administrator's) menu.

First check the system date and time in the upper right corner of the computer screen to be sure they are both accurate. (If either one is not accurate see "System time or date, changing").

This report first prompts you to enter the date for which the program will next be used. Then it prompts you for the FIRST SIGNUP TIME OF THE DAY (Be sure to use 24-hour (military) time (see "24 Hour time")). Then it prompts you for the LAST SIGNUP TIME OF THE DAY. Then, after you press the ENTER key, it runs the report. This may take from 3 to 15 minutes depending on how fast (or slow) your computer is. At the conclusion of the report the date and times will be shown on the screen.

This report collects and stores statistics from the previous day's use. Then it deletes the previous day's transaction records (unless you have specifically requested it not do so through an option in the Registration Panel). Then the report populates the Transactions Panel with records for the next day's checkout transactions. Finally, the report goes through the Patron Information panel and deletes records that are snags (e.g., if there is no first or last name, or if the first or last name is the same as the patron's barcode number, etc).