Advantages of Signup Center
SignUp Center automates the process of signing up people to use public computers in the library!
It lets the public sign themselves up using their own library cards.  
Signup Center prints out a receipt (printer versions) which includes the patron's name, computer number, time period, and also includes a statement of the library's policies and rules regarding computer use.
Signup Center  leaves the reference librarian free from a time- consuming task and permits spending more time answering reference questions.  
Having a receipt in hand (printer versions), patrons don't come back asking, ". . .  what was the number of the computer I signed up for at 3:00?" - and  arguments about who is assigned to a particular computer at a particular time are avoided.  Also, each patron has a full set of library rules and policies in hand at each sign up.
Signup Center was written to meet the problem that librarians encounter as more and more public access computer terminals are installed in our branches.